Super energy efficient fan technology

Versa Drives has an off-the-rack solution for BLDC motor-based ceiling fans. The solution is a complete design with drives, motors, blades, and control interfaces of ceiling fans. The drive readily conforms to IS374:2019 (Indian ceiling fan standards) and it can be upgraded to conform to IEC standards. The solution is utilized in our commercial brand Superfan – India’s first super energy efficient ceiling fan. The drive is adaptable for other types of fans like wall fans, industrial fans, exhaust fans, and so on. There are about 5 patents on the solution.

Drives for variety of motors

Versa Drives models can be designed to drive the motors in range of fractional to 5HP (0.1 to 4kW).

DC bus operated inverter drives

Versa Drives has developed drives that contain only the inverter stage that get power from DC bus. These drives can have the required inputs/outputs for control functions as per specifications. For more information click here....

BLDC and PMSM motors

Versa Drives has developed BLDC motor and PMSM motors spanning 30W to 0.75kW. These motors can be adapted in shape and size to the application needs. The motors can be outer rotor or inner rotor. The motors can be supplied along with customised BLDC and PMSM drives.

Standards & Certifications

Versa Drives Private Limited is an ISO9001:2015 certified company. Versa Drives designs drives that conform to following standards:

Power Factor Control

Versa Drives can incorporate power factor control at the front end to reduce the harmonics. In addition these drives can be used in wide range of input voltage of 90 to 260V that enables to use the same model for North American, European and Asian markets. For more information, click here....

Sensors & Feedback control