What is a Variable Frequency Drive?

What is a Variable Frequency Drive?

A Variable Frequency Drive for AC motors, also known as AC drive, is an electronic device which receives energy from a fixed frequency fixed voltage AC source (either single phase or three phase) and converts it into a variable voltage (or current), variable frequency three phase supply. This controls and enables a three-phase motor to operate at multiple speeds. Hence it comes under the category of variable speed drives.

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What is a Motor Drive?

A motor drive is popularly known as a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) or a Variable Speed Drive (VSD). Motor drive is a general term referring to the sub-system that controls speed of motor to be operated at multiple operating speeds as needed by the application. For a given application, ‘Drive’ is a portion of equipment that adjusts motor speed to change the flow of the pump or speed of a fan or controls the movement of an escalator.

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What is a Motor Drive?

Where are VFD's used?



Fans, Pumps, Compressors, Automatic Doors

Fitness Equipment

Treadmills and Wholebody Vibrating machines

Food Processing

Milk Separators and Food Processing machines

Where are VFD's Used?


Tape Winders and Textile machines

Tools and Machines

Blowers, Polishing and Grinding machines

Packing Industry

Printing & Packaging machines

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