Custom Designed Variable Frequency Drives

Examples - Custom Designed VFD  - Overview


At Versa Drives, we make custom designed variable frequency drives suitable for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The advantages of using Versa VFDs are:

  1.    Flexibility of using ACIM, BLDCM, or PMSM
  2.    Inputs/outputs as required
  3.    Application specific control functions
  4.    Advanced user interface features
  5.    Power factor correction
  6.    Conformance to mandatory standards
  7.    Adaptability to working environment
  8.    Desired size & shape
  9.    Economical

These drives, as they are also called as AC drives, AC inverters, variable speed drives, adjustable frequency drives, can be used with following types of motors,

  1.    AC induction
  2.    BLDC
  3.    PMSM

  4. Our customized Variable Frequency Drives or AC drives are designed to meet your needs. Kindly checkout various application examples of the same in our Examples section. You may specify your drives requirement in terms of the motor type, load, voltage, inputs, outputs, both digital and analog, communication options, annunciators, display and keyboard. Alternatively, you can describe your machine-functions to us, and we can propose a suitable system for you. We can design the drive to comply your needs in terms of performance, cost,  size & shape and standards. Ask us for a proposal.

    Products - Custom Designed VFD  - Overview

    Using hand-held unit VMP, it is easy to copy, download parameters, that too without powering on the drive. Saves time in setting up multiple units.