Drives for winding applications

Examples - Winders - Overview
Examples - Winders - Overview

Exclusive inverters have been designed for use in Textile Winding Machines, Plastic Filament Cheese Winders, Assembly Winders and Twisters for individual control of spindles. These drives come in the range of 60W to 375W.

VMM series of drives operate from a DC bus. They are packaged in different options such as DIN RAIL mountable or open-frame. The DC power supply comes with an EMI filter. The DC power supply models are available to operate from 230V single or three phase.

VSD series are stand-alone drives that operate from single phase or three phase 230Vac input. They have built-in EMI filters that facilitate use of several drives within a limited space.

Several models communicate to a PLC or a Controller via RS-485 in MODbus protocol.

For precision winder two AC motors or two BLDC motors can be driven to achieve synchronisation by electronic gearing. Above shown is the image of a twin BLDC drive for textile precision winder.