Versa Drives for Booster Pumps

This product is a variable frequency drive, used for pressure boosting in municipal or private water systems when the water pressure is low. This controller can be used with a standard pump available off-the-shelf. The salient feature of this product is that it can be used either with a single phase or a three phase pump.

Currently the controllers are available in two models,

  • VST2110 for 0.75HP, single phase or 1HP, three phase pumps and
  • VST2115 for 1HP, single phase or 1.5 HP, three phase pumps.

A pressure sensor is used by the controller for monitoring line water pressure. The controller is configured using the display and keypad provided in the front panel. The following are the advantages of using Versa Drives variable speed pump controller:

  • Uniform water pressure
  • Small supply tanks can be used
  • Less wear & tear of pump & motor
  • Low start-up current, soft-starting
  • Dry well detection
  • Protecting motor from overvoltage /
  • Undervoltage / short circuit / overload
  • One controller for single or three phase operations