Fans and Compressors

Versa Drives for Energy saving in Fans & Compressors

VSF series of drives for Fans & Compressors
VSF series of drives for Fans & Compressors

Keeping economy  in mind the VSF series of drives have been developed with minimum features while retaining all drive and motor protection features. For individual OEMs VSF drive platform can be modified to add any desired feature. These drives have been designed to conform UL & CSA safety standards (the certification may be taken after the product is modified to desired specification). These are available for fans or compressors with 0.25 to 3HP motors. The output voltage is 3phase, 230V and the supply voltage can be 110Vac or 230Vac, single phase or 230V, 3phase. The 415V, 3phase drive can be developed up to 5 HP on request. The drive parameters can be set anytime using a hand-held device.

The drive specifications for VSF21XX series can be downloaded here. The specifications for other models in VSF series can be had on request.


Versa Drives for winding applications

Exclusive inverters have been designed for use in Textile Winding Machines, Plastic Filament Cheese Winders, Assembly Winders and Twisters for individual control of spindles. These drives come in the range of 60W to 375W.

VMM series of drives operate from a DC bus. They are packaged in different options such as DIN RAIL mountable or open-frame. The DC power supply comes with an EMI filter. The DC power supply models are available to operate from 230V single or three phase.

VSD series are stand-alone drives that operate from single phase or three phase 230Vac input. They have built-in EMI filters that facilitate use of several drives within a limited space.

Several models communicate to a PLC or a Controller via RS-485 in MODbus protocol.

For precision winder two AC motors or two BLDC motors can be driven to achieve synchronisation by electronic gearing. Above shown is the image of a twin BLDC drive for textile precision winder.

Fitness Equipment

Versa Drives for whole body vibration equipment

Versa Drives has drives that are used in Whole Body Vibration (WBV) equipments for varying the vibration while exercising. These drives have required Inputs/Outputs for controls and DC Power output for user interface circuits. Since the drives are used in an equipment that would be used at homes the drives are designed to conform to the following standards:

These drives have PFC (power factor correction) front end to reduce the harmonics. This feature enables the drive to operate from 100 to 265Vac input supply. This universal supply operation helps in not having separate models of machines, for different countries with various supply voltages.


Versa Drives for Booster Pumps

This product is a variable frequency drive, used for pressure boosting in municipal or private water systems when the water pressure is low. This controller can be used with a standard pump available off-the-shelf. The salient feature of this product is that it can be used either with a single phase or a three phase pump.

Currently the controllers are available in two models,

  • VST2110 for 0.75HP, single phase or 1HP, three phase pumps and
  • VST2115 for 1HP, single phase or 1.5 HP, three phase pumps.

A pressure sensor is used by the controller for monitoring line water pressure. The controller is configured using the display and keypad provided in the front panel. The following are the advantages of using Versa Drives variable speed pump controller:

  • Uniform water pressure
  • Small supply tanks can be used
  • Less wear & tear of pump & motor
  • Low start-up current, soft-starting
  • Dry well detection
  • Protecting motor from overvoltage /
  • Undervoltage / short circuit / overload
  • One controller for single or three phase operations
Automatic Doors

Versa Drives for Automatic Doors

Versa Drives has in its range, a VVVF drive for exclusive application in Automatic Door. While this drive can be customized to suit variations like harmonic or linear door operator functions, the basic model has the following features:

  • Has Display and keyboard for easy configuration of drive parameters
  • Designed for AC motors which are rugged, simple in construction and economical
  • Smooth operation of door
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Has safety features to protect the motor
  • Soft start and stop
  • Easily adjustable parameters
  • Open, close and nudge inputs
  • Drive protections
    • Over voltage  
    • Under voltage                 
    • Over current
    • Over temperature

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