Winder Drive

For winding processes, winders need to be controlled over a wide speed range with precise torque control. With our drives, we deliver the required control of winder motors, which include AC Induction motors, Permanent Magnet Synchronous motors and Brushless DC motors. By implementing our drives, manufacturers can produce winding machines with various winding speeds that provide uninterrupted performance. To prevent defects during winding, our drive also incorporates tension control. The tension on the winder is controlled and maintained to a given set point by varying the speed of the winder for smooth winding operation. For varying tension, our drive controls the rate of speed change. Also, our drive provides cost and energy saving benefits with its power factor control. To implement winding operation anywhere in the world, our drive comes with a wide operative voltage range, which allows it to be used without being restricted by the country’s standard power supply. Not just that we provide our drive in a variety of customizable packaging options for you to opt from.

For winding application, we split power supply and inverter and produce them separately. The power supply is a common DC power supply, which can simultaneously feed power to multiple inverters. The inverters incorporate closed loop control to control their speed. The drive is exclusively designed for cheese winding machine and is compatible for electronic gear change system to enable precision winding.