Stepper Machines

The two crucial factors of a stepper machine are speed and level. Our drive is designed for a wide range of speeds and levels. Using our drive, an OEM can manufacture stepper machines with the facility of adjusting the speeds or levels based on the intensity of exercise. The precise speed and level control allows smooth stepping operation. Also, our drives come with timer feature. This feature enables user or trainer to provide adjustable interval based personalized workout programs. The trainer can set the timer for a particular speed and level and can accordingly schedule the program. Power Factor Control of the drive enhances the efficiency of the device. This is done by maintaining the power factor close to one, which results in less losses and more cost savings. The wide operative voltage range of the drive enables the device to be utilized across any country in the world without being obstructed by the standard power supply of that place. Also, we can customize the packaging according to your requirement.