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Sustainable energy forms are prevalent in agricultural applications because of the flexibility in installation, use, and government subsidy. Versa Drives manufactures top-class drive products that are known for reliability and sustainability.

VersaVane is exclusively designed for solar water pumping applications as per MNRE specifications. It is available in the range of 1 HP to 10 HP and compatible with ACIM and PMSM based pump sets.

Versavane applications


  • Power rating: 1 HP to 10 HP
  • Compatible with both AC Induction Motor (ACIM) and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) efficiency > 99%
  • Designed as per MNRE specifications
  • Auto tuning: Whenever the user connects a new motor (PMSM) to the drive, its parameters like stator resistance and inductance will be automatically read and updated.
  • Remote monitoring: It is incorporated with remote monitoring provision to enable access of motor and solar panel parameters from any location.
  • Water flow rate: It has built-in water flow rate calculation algorithm which calculates the flow without using any sensor.
  • Pump unclogging: The unclogging feature of the drive removes any debris that clogs the pump and hinders its operation.
  • Timer: The timer function enables the user to set the hours of pump operation by inputting on and off hours. This can be ideally used in situations where ground water level varies on an hourly basis or as per user requirement.
  • Complies with
        - IEC60068-2 (Environmental)
        - IEC61800-3 (EMI/EMC)
        - IEC61683 (Drive efficiency)
Solar Pump Drive
Versavane applications

  • Supports Remote Monitoring Unit
  • Bluetooth connectivity ( optional )
  • Universal Solar Pump Controller compatibility

Solar Pump Controller
Versavane applications

  • In-built Remote Monitoring Unit
  • IP 65 Protection
  • Reverse polarity protection

Real-time Monitoring Tools

Users can monitor the system’s performance in real-time through display, RMU and assistance tools like mobile and desktop applications. The following are some of the parameters that are monitored:

Versavane Realtime Monitoring
  • PV array voltage
  • Output current
  • Output power
  • Motor speed
  • Water output
  • Water flow rate
Versavane Technical specifications
Versavane applications