Pin Setters (Bowling)

Pin setters are of utmost importance to continuously run the bowling lanes. Designed for the same, our drive swiftly performs picking of the standing pins, sweeping of the fallen pins and creating a rack during the start of each frame. This entire procedure is a work cycle of the pin setter and it reduces the need for labour. Our drive performs tension control on the motor to appropriately raise and lower the pins into the rack on the lane. When it comes to efficiency, the Power Factor control of the drive continuously maintains the power factor of the drive close to one for maximum power utilization and reduced losses. Moreover, the drive enables short cycles of pin setter so that the bowler need not wait long for the next roll. Our drive is compatible with motors like AC Induction motors, Permanent Magnet Synchronous motors and Brushless DC motors. The wide operative voltage range of the drive allows the user to incorporate the pin setter in any bowling alley across the globe without worrying about the standard power supply of the country.