Packaging Machines

The potential of a packaging machine is determined by its speed, efficiency and correctness of packaging. Our drive is solely designed to for producing packaging machines with great potential. Our drives are designed for AC induction Motor (ACIM) and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM). We have incorporated V/F control algorithm for ACIM and Field Oriented Control for PMSM. In terms of speed control, our drives impart high speed control for quick packaging of product. This boosts the productivity of the production line. When it comes to efficiency, the Power Factor Control of our drive ensures the power factor of the device is always maintained close to one. This enables cost savings and maximum utilization of the consumed power. For correct packaging, our drives precisely control the motor and offer high dynamics to the device for abruptly changing packaging format. Also, our drives limit torque for safe operation along with other protection features like overload, overcurrent, over temperature and over speed.