Mixers/Stirrers, Centrifuges (Chemical / Pharmaceutical)

Mixers/stirrers and centrifuges play a pivotal role in manufacturing a chemical or a pharmaceutical product. Since, the manufacturing process requires mixing of the materials in bulk, it is mandatory for the drive to rotate the motors depending on the composition and quantity of the materials. Our drive provides the effective mixing operation by controlling the speed of the motor based on the materials to be mixed. The variable speed control allows the device to produce a homogenous output product. The drive is compatible with all types of motors, which include AC Induction motors, Permanent Magnet Synchronous motors and Brushless DC motors. Also, the drive offers the manufacturer with timer operation. Using the timer, manufacturer can set time for certain stage or section of the mixing process and set an appropriate speed for the same. Also, the drive has Power Factor Control, which continuously maintains the power factor close to one. This enhances the efficiency of the device as almost all power is utilized for functioning of the device.