Milk Separator

A milk separator uses the principle of centrifugation to perform its operation. To centrifuge the vessel containing milk, our drive controls the rotational speed of the motor operating the vessel. This segregates the milk into skim milk and cream. Since, the separator is implemented in daily farms for high volumes of milk, our drive operates the motor at high power to achieve this need. Our drives are designed to operate at high temperatures for effective milk separation operation. The Power Factor Control of the drive maintains the power factor close to one. This leads to effective use of power and energy savings when the separator is operated at high volumes for long time. The drive is compatible with all three phase motors like AC Induction Motors and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors. It has a wide operative voltage range to allow implementation of separator without being restricted by the standard power supply of the country. Not just that, the drive packaging comes with various customizable options to choose from.