Industrial washing machines

Since an industrial washing machine functions at a higher capacity, we have designed our drives to support such devices. Our drive provides high torque at low speeds to start and run motors of high load drums that are completely stacked. The drive controls and regulates the speed of motor to enable the device to have multiple washing options at different speeds for various or mixed loads. It also maintains torque speed change to be constant for smooth and efficient operation. During wash cycles, the drive performs frequency control to continuously rotate the drums in forward and reverse directions. For spin dry cycles, the drive runs the motor in high speed and low torque mode. In this mode, our drive can provide high spinning speeds for better drying operation even for large and mixed loads. To achieve accurate speed, frequency and torque control, our drives use various control algorithms, which are V/F control, Field-Oriented control and trapezoidal control. The drive is compatible with three phase motors like AC induction motors, Permanent Magnet Synchronous motors and Brushless DC motors.