In order to maintain moisture of air around us and keep health issues like allergies and congestion at bay, it is essential to have a humidifier. Our drives are designed to be incorporated with humidifiers meant for either small or large spaces and varied applications like domestic, industrial, marine and medical applications. The speed of the built-in fan is crucial for fine humidifier operation as it speeds up or slows down the evaporation of water and blows the vapour through the wick filter faster or slower. Based on current humidity of the space, our drive performs required speed control of the fan motor. It can control motors of fans of varying sizes from small to large fans. As the user sets the preferred humidity level, our drive monitors and adds the required moisture to the air for maintaining consistent desired humidity. Also, our drive brings in energy and cost savings with its power factor control by allowing the humidifier to efficiently function at high power factor close to one. The drive is compatible with motors like AC Induction motors, Permanent Magnet Synchronous motors and Brushless DC motors and come in customized packaging according to client needs. Not just that, the wide operative range of our drive lets it to be implemented anywhere in the world irrespective of the standard power supply of the country.