Floor / Carpet cleaning machines

In order to clean the floor or carpet using a machine, it is essential for the machine to have a drive to control the scrubber brushes. Our drive rotates the motor connected to scrubber. The drive imparts speed and pressure control to achieve the desired cleaning operation. When it comes to speed control, our drive is designed for a wide range of speeds for both quick and slow cleaning processes. Also, the pressure range can be varied from zero to maximum levels based on the mess of the cleaning area. The speed control is achieved by using either V/F or FOC control algorithm depending on where the appliance is used. Pressure control is done by measuring the current of the motor and is varied accordingly to attain the desired pressure. As a result, the scrubber brushes are operated at the required speed and pressure. The drive is compatible with AC Induction Motors and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors.