Fans - Industrial, HVAC, Ceiling

Our drive for fans can be customized for domestic, industrial or HVAC applications. When it comes to a domestic application, it includes ceiling fans and table, pedestal and wall fans. The drive for this application performs variable speed control for low loading conditions like small spaces and reduced air flow requirements. In an industrial application, fans are used for cooling and exhaust purposes. The drive for this application offers speed and torque control to fans with wide sweep for high loading conditions to circulate large amount of air. An HVAC application requires fans in various components of its system to be controlled for enhanced comfort. Our drive performs speed and torque control on fans of different HVAC components like compressors, condensers and blowers for optimal cooling and ventilation process. The drive reduces total harmonic distortion to below 8 percent for smooth fan performance and enables extended fan lifetime. An OEM can fit any preferable motor including induction, permanent magnet or brushless DC motor with our drive to achieve the desired performance.