Energy Saving Applications

Implementation of our drive turns a normal application into an energy saving application. Be it a fan, a conveyor or a pump, our drive can be designed to be used for any of these applications with maximum power utilization. The power factor control of our drive enhances the value of the device for the designated application as almost all power is efficiently consumed for performing the required operation. The power factor is always maintained close to one thereby making the device almost perfect loading of the supply. Due to this, the power drawn is less for a given amount of work and does not require large cables for power transmission. Also, the power factor control leads to less expenditure and cost savings, low losses, less heat gains and prolonged equipment life. Our drive provides effective speed and torque control and utilizes various control methods based on the motor with which it is used. It is compatible with either or both single and three phase motors, which include AC Induction motors, Permanent Magnet Synchronous motors and Brushless DC motors.