Electric Parking Brake

In today’s vehicles, parking brake is instantaneously activated by just pressing a button. By implementing our drive, the application of parking brake can be electrically controlled for timely and efficient braking. Using our drive, the vehicle’s motion is abruptly brought to a halt and also the backward movement is eradicated when parking on slopes. To achieve this effect, the drive controls motor to act on the braking pads of the left and right rear wheels. When user actuates the button, the drive realizes that the parking brake needs to be activated and performs torque control on motor to sufficiently push braking pads on disc. Depending on the inclination of the parking area, the drive calculates the amount of force required to park the vehicle without any movement and accordingly controls the motor. The drive is compatible with any motor that includes AC Induction motor, Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor and Brushless DC motor.