Condenser Fan Drive

In an HVAC system, condenser fans play a pivotal role as they cool the refrigerant by enabling dissipation of excess heat to the atmosphere. Our drives are designed to appropriately control the condenser fan motors to achieve proper liquefaction of the refrigerant. This enables motor to run the fan appropriately so that it can supply enough air to the condensing coil for condensation of refrigerant. Our drive provides smooth starting and stopping operation and high initial torque to the motor for seamless condenser operation. The condenser unit is further enhanced by the power factor control of our drive, which continuously maintains the power factor close to one for efficient power utilization. Also, it comes with a flexibility to control motors of wide range of power ratings and can provide optimal performance for extensive range of heating and cooling loads. It is compatible with motors like AC Induction motors, Permanent Magnet Synchronous motors and Brushless DC motors. The wide operative voltage range of the drive allows it to be implemented anywhere in the world irrespective of the standard power supply of the country.

Applications - Aircon Fan Drives