Coffee Grinders

A good coffee grinder is defined by how well it can grind coffee beans into a powder form of various thicknesses. This requires a motor driver that can impart speed control based on the thickness of the powder required. This is exactly what our drive does. Our drive can be designed for both high speed and low speed control. In high speed control, the beans are broken down in a quicker manner. Low speed control operation runs the motor at low speed but at high torque. This enables control of the thickness of coffee powder and can produce fine powder with uniform thickness. Also, the noise generated during coffee grinder operation is reduced. The drive has a wide operative voltage range, which means that the device can be used anywhere in the world irrespective of the standard power supply of the country. The power factor of the drive is maintained close to one thereby further increasing the efficiency. Not just that, you have a bonus of customized packaging too.