Blowers - Pumps and Fans

Blowers are used in HVAC systems, which differ based on their applications. Be it for building HVAC systems, which include commercial and institutional buildings or be it for automobile HVAC systems, our drive can control the blower motors of them all. The appropriate control of blower fan motor is key to high quality HVAC performance and our drive does just that. It performs speed control on blower motors based on the difference between the desired temperature to be achieved and the actual temperature of the space, which needs to be regulated. Be it a small space like a car cabin, a medium space like a house or a large space like the entire building, our drive accurately varies speed of the blower fan motor to give occupants the desired comfort. Also, the drive can provide an effective control performance of the motor for varying loads whether it is a fully packed area or space with limited persons to enable the ultimate comfort experience. The power factor control of the drive continuously maintains the power factor close to one for effective power utilization and great power savings.