Blowers - HVAC

Blowers find use in various applications like industrial and HVAC applications. They need a cost-effective and reliable drive for control operation, which our drive provides for an efficient blower operation. By incorporating our drive into a blower, there is a flexibility in operating the blower fan. The drive offers speed and torque control for the fan motor. It enables high starting torque to operate the fan at the rated speed. This is achieved in an efficient manner and without inrush current. The inrush current limiter of our drive reduces excessive current drawn by the device during its switch-on process and brings it down to the operational current of the power supply. This eliminates power surge in the power supply section and is safe especially for industrial applications, which could otherwise trip fuses or circuit breakers and even damage expensive equipment. Due to the presence of the limiter, the device operation is stabilized thereby increasing its reliability and giving it a long life. Our drive monitors and maintains the motor speed in real time by adjusting the speed to the required value. We can customize our drive for an extensive range of applications, which require blower fans of different sizes and with motors of different power ratings. In an HVAC for domestic or automobile purposes, our drive can control the multispeed fan motor of blower in evaporator to run at different speeds based on the difference between the set and current room or cabin temperature.