Ball throwing machine (Cricket/Tennis)

Ball throwing machines were designed for practice sessions of games like cricket and tennis where players can enhance their batting skills when the ball approaches at different speeds. For such machines, our drive is designed such that the rotational speed of the motor that causes the bowling action can be varied over an extensive range of speeds. Once the speed is set, the loaded balls are thrown consistently at that speed. For the consistency, our drive accurately controls the ball speed and monitors it in real time and maintains it to be constant. The drive is compatible with three phase motors like AC Induction motors, Permanent Magnet Synchronous motors and Brushless DC motors. Motor control algorithm for variable speed control is incorporated based on the motor, which the drive will control. These algorithms include both linear and quadratic V/F, Field Oriented control and Trapezoidal control methods. The Power Factor Control of the drive maintains power factor close to one thereby enabling the devices to be highly efficient with maximum power utilization. Moreover, the wide operative voltage range of the drive enables it to be utilized for batting training of players from various teams across various countries irrespective of the standard power supply of the place.